Lex Robinson

Hi. I’m Lexi and I’m a programmer from London, UK.

I play and build games in my spare time and currently work full time as an engineer for Lyst.

I’m a huge fan of digital art and design and I’ll totally have a gallery of examples here soon promise

My Projects

I tend to start a lot of projects, even if I don't see them all to completion.
Here's a selection of older ones:

A popular Garry's Mod gamemode built around Kurozael's original Cider Roleplaying System
Lexical Basic
An implementation of ECMA-55 BASIC using Lua Patterns as a parsing mechanism
NPC Spawn Platforms
A toy for Garry's Mod that has way too many subscribers
Severchecker 2012
A C# .NET4 remake of DUMBCLAN's original ServerChecker
A pure Lua module for Garry's Mod which provides an interface to SourceBans to avoid the vagaries of SourceMod.
Wulf 2012
A C++11/OpenGL 3 remake of id software's Wolfenstein3D